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I started painting in oils in 1986. At that time only one shop (A.M Poisson, if my memory is correct) in Port Louis imported fine art stuff. My father worked in one of the local banks in Mauritius and this institution had collected many paintings from Mauritian artists. Thanks to my dad, I was able to see these paintings up close and I spent numerous hours trying to understand the brush strokes and the use of colour. 


Painters like Maurice Ménardeau, Max Boullé and Roger Charoux were my models and enriched with their influence, I started oil painting. It must be said that I am a self-taught artist, and I never followed any art courses before the age of 53 and never had the joy of enjoying Fine Art studies. Everything I learnt came from watching other artists’ paintings (often from very close) and slowly but surely progress with my own art. 

I have always expressed my creativity through numerous styles of paintings. On this page you will find paintings in oils, rubaway paintings, watercolours and ink and of course oil paintings with paintbrushes of palette knives.


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