My photoArts are made up of many photos. They are edited on Adobe Photoshop in order to create a unique artwork. I have been a photographer for the last 20 years and developed a real passion for this form of art. Being an artist from Mauritius gets me close to a luxuriant tropical vegetation which is of great inspiration to me.

To create a photoArt image one should look for interesting objects containing graphic forms that could be mixed up with other images in order to create a new photo. I spend much of my time looking for these graphic forms in everything I see. It could be scrap metal or elements in a junk yard of part of an object in someone's house. It could also be a burst of light that will give me the inspiration for a photomontage.

Finally, one must be fluent in Adobe Photoshop software because this is where the cool stuff happens. In this software I will mix 2 to 10 images together, digitally paint on them, create new colours and work-out to get the final result.



The photoArt images are great for decoration purposes. They can be printed on large canvas or paper and framed. All the images below can be printed according to the clients needs. Please contact me if ever you are interested by some prints