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First contact

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

At first, I didn't know I could paint. I was fascinated by the paintings of Mauritian artists hanging on the walls of the family house and somewhere in my adolescent mind, I secretly hoped to be able to hang one of my paintings there one day.

First oil painting in 1986 by Mauritian artist Pascal Lagesse
First oil painting by Mauritian artist Pascal Lagesse

My parents where art and literature lovers and I was brought up in an environnement where culture was highly praised. My parents where both in finance and at a young age, I new I would never be working in an office. One day we received the visit of France Staub, a dentist who was also an ornithologist, an herpetologist, a botanist and an artist painter.

This meeting changed my life. France Staub took the time to talk to me and asked me if I would be interested to join him in one of his painting sessions. I didn't know anything about oil painting but did not want to miss this opportunity. The following Saturday, his Volkwagen registered Ad 740 came to fetch me and France opened new technicolor horizon for me. It was in 1986 as you can see from my first painting in oils.

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