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Art and success

Can we determine “success” as an artist? Is it through the sales of the paintings and their price? Is it by the likes and comments on social networks and the number of followers? Is it through the recognition of the artist throughout the world? How do you know if you have “succeeded” as an artist? Is success determined by those around us, the media, social networks, foreign curators who are interested in our art or by personal satisfaction in achieving the goal we had dreamed of? I would say it’s a proportion of a little bit of everything.

I am personally touched by the comments on the networks, the number of followers, the recognition of my art and the sale of my paintings. It would be dishonest to say that I am insensitive to the reactions around me and that I paint in a bubble, cut off from the world. The key for me is to know what importance I give to each of these indications. Obsessing over one of these directions and making that your sole goal is a recipe for disappointment. Keeping your feet firmly on the ground is extremely important when you are an artist.

For example, as I write these lines, I am fortunate to have 6,000 followers. This makes 6,000 people out of a Mauritian population of 1.25 million and 8.1 billion worldwide. To think that I am a famous artist is very far from the truth. I have been painting for 38 years and I have only exhibited once abroad, in an exhibition in Lausanne where my paintings were lost among hundreds of other exhibitors. Nothing to brag about. Sales of my paintings are increasing and I am very happy about it. Far be it from me to want to make it the only goal of my life.

For me, the important thing is to bring my style of painting to life. The Zafer style that I created in 2003 has already evolved greatly and will continue to do so in the years to come. This is where my goal lies. I am lucky to have invented a unique style of painting and that is where my happiness lies.

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1 Comment

Romy Lagesse
Romy Lagesse
Feb 29

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life Parrain! You rock.

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