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Visit from Kyodo News (Japan)

This start to the week has been particularly special and full of emotions. I had the pleasure of welcoming a Japanese journalist, Taisuke Kikuchi, and a photographer, Tomoaki Nakano to my workshop. Both work for Kyodo News (Japan) and are based in Kenya. After discovering, thanks to their Mauritian friends Brian and Hannah, my paintings on the internet, they came to interview me about my artistic journey, about the Zafer style and the representation of the dodo in my paintings. Taisuke wanted to know how and why this style came about and he asked me about the importance of the Zafers in my life. This is the first time (and I hope not the last time) that I have been interviewed by foreign journalists. Taisuke will write an article on the dodo in Mauritius that will be published in Japan in April. I thank them with all my heart for traveling from Nairobi to meet me and thank you also to Brian and Hannah for their help, it was an unforgettable experience for me.

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