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My art in school books !

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

There is no greater honour for an artist to find himself in his country's school books ; in the primary Art syllabus. I was speechless when the Mauritius Institute of Education asked me whether I had any objection to be featured in the grade 7 art program. I was very touched, emotional and honoured to have been chosen for this educative adventure.

Cover for Art and design book Mauritius
Art and design grade 7 Mauritius

I spend most of my time alone with my paintbrushes and I never thought my paintings would one day influence school children. It seems that my Zafer style with its geometric forms, graphics and colours inspire young ones. The idea of being able to contribute to the creative stimulation of a child gives me great joy.

Page in Art and design book, Mauritius about Pascal Lagesse
Art and design grade 7 Mauritius

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