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The right direction

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Creation of a Zafer style painting about Aloe plant by artist Pascal Lagesse
Creation of a Zafer style painting by artist Pascal Lagesse

I am often asked if I visualise the finished painting before starting to paint. The answer is yes… and no. I visualise the drawing but rarely the finished painting. I know in advance how the composition is going to be but only have a vague idea of the colours and the final look. Generally I advance accordant the my inspiration. The first colours are in acrylics because it dries quickly then I come back with oils for the details. For the colours, I decide while going along and it may change from time to time. The image above show four steps of a painting of an aloe plant and Rempart mountain.

Aloe and Rempart mountain, painting in Zafer style by Mauritian artist Pascal Lagesse
Aloe and Rempart mountain by artist Pascal Lagesse

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