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illusions and disillusions

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Being an artist generally means that one is surfing on a high dose of sensibility and sometimes fragility. The artist wants to emerge into the light and hopes that one day her or his paintings will be seen and may be appreciated. There are millions of talented painters in the world, the majority of whom would have their place in a museum of a renown gallery. The truth is that it's not only a question of talent but also a question of who you know and how aggressive one is on the market and the social medias added to that a dose of chance.

I have had many disillusions during my journey and there are certainly more to come. I am a very naïve painter and think that may be one day my art will be known around the world. This thought is not my main drive (otherwise I would have quit long ago) by I cannot say that I am without ambition. I created the Zafer style eighteen years ago and it's my unique style and this gives me most of the joy I can get from painting and creating. Knowing that the Zafer style will evolve into something else gives me scope for the future but somewhere at the back of my head I hope that may be someday the Zafer will come to be know overseas.

I have had many propositions that came by email or message giving me the opportunity to get my work exposed overseas but most of these propositions were scams whose only goal was to make money on the artist's back. I try to remain vigilant with internet but each scam hurts me more than it should. I am hyper sensitive and I recently received a message on Facebook saying that there was going to be an exhibition in China and that my "outstanding work was the glory of the exhibition". I made the mistake of believing the organiser and even sent him my work only to finally get a negative answer. My work was not outstanding anymore.

Illusions and disillusions are met all along the artist's journey. Some artist cope with them some don't. I am the kind of artist who dreams too much and when I fall back into reality, I hurt too much.

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