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Multitasked artist

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

More than once I have had this comment. Will you finally settle for a unique style ? Why do you always go from one technique to another ?

This question has been hanging in my empty mind for a long time and I have often asked myself if I should not settle once and for all for one way of painting. Often I thought about this and curse my lack of consistence. Many painters whom I admire have had the trait of being able to carry their unique style throughout their life and stay on one path rather than trod on many.

I came about accepting this way of thinking and creating after realising that my mind works that way. Everything is emotional in my life. These feelings that I bare every seconds dictate the way I create. Often, I become overwhelmed with my art and have to retreat in order to build up energy again. It happens that painting becomes too difficult for me and I divert my creation into writing or photography. Every creation is a painful sucker of energy and leave me tired. Changing styles of painting or creative paths help me get through my life. Creation is emotional exhausting. At least for me.

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