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My first portraits

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

When I started painting, I drew my inspiration from the Mauritian artists around me. During my outings with France Staub on Saturdays, I was lucky to meet Roger Charoux, Serge Constantin and Yves David who painted together. I always admired the landscapes of Roger Charoux and my parents owned one of his paintings illustrating a flame tree in front of which I spent hours. Serge Constantin was an endearing person and an outstanding artist. Most of the time Serge painted watercolours and chose unexpected subject matters.

Oil painting from 1989 about a man drinking rhum by Mauritian artist Pascal Lagesse
Oil painting from 1989 by Mauritian artist Pascal Lagesse

There was also a painter from whom I admired the portraits called Marcel Lagesse. We were related by an ancestor going back to the 18th century and I never got to know him. I tried numerous times to ask him if I could join him when he went painting but he never accepted. He was a solitary painter and he never realised that a moment with him would have meant the whole world for me.

I got inspired from pictures of his portraits that I found in books ant the portraits you can see here are somewhat true to his technique even if I never had his talent.

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